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Welcome to the new ConnectSMART

We've developed a brand new suite of products to help support you in your ongoing struggle to understand the efficiency of your business. From centralizing your business data, to getting it into the hands of your employees and customers, we've got you covered!


Centralize all your PSA and RMM information.


Utilize pre-canned reports by us or develop your own.


Real time KPI's your team can understand.


Engage our professional services and unlock your true business potential.

Dashboards for your business

Our comprehensive dashboard solution delivers KPI's directly to you and your team on a  real-time basis. With CS4, you can tailor all your data to fit your specific business needs.


Reporting Services

Our integrated reporting service allows you to upload and manage your custom reports from directly within ConnectIO. A report designer is available for those end users looking to develop custom solutions for their business operations.

Accurately get instant feedback on the health of your business operations.
Design your own custom reports or rely on our services team to build them for you.

We integrate with ConnectWise, LabTech, Kaseya and more...

Hear what customers are saying

  • WorldLan Technology

    "Every one of our clients has an SLA agreement which we thought we were meeting. After getting ConnectSMART, immediately we found that we had some holes. Now we can see right now what our utilization is, our closure rate, our...

    Randy HallWorldLan Technologyhttp://www.worldlantechnology.com/
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  • Vision Computer Solutions

    "ConnectSMART has allowed us to really drive change and improve performance in the office. Each time a Technician walks by this chart they are reminded of the live ticket status. They go back to their desk wondering what they can...

    Joe MirchVision Computer Solutionshttp://www.vcsolutions.com/
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  • CybertronIT

    "I am just dropping you a note to let you know HOW MUCH ConnectSMART has affected our business. It has helped us to streamline processes and control our customer service like I never dreamed it could. This product is something...

    Bill RamseyCybertronIThttp://www.cybertronit.com/
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  • The Integration Works, LLC

    "ConnectSMART is an indispensable tool which gives us real-time intelligence that runs our business. Not only did it succeed in improving our services, it has had an unexpected result on our sales process. We have closed nearly every prospect we...

    James CarterThe Integration Works, LLChttp://integrationworks.com/frontend/index.aspx
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  • SolutionWorx

    "The real value of ConnectSMART to SolutionWorx was the command they have of the actual ConnectWise data. They were able to generate a ticket snapshot report that a couple of our large corporate customers have been asking for that really...

    Mike MazanSolutionWorxhttp://solutionworx.com/
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  • Stasmayer, Incorporated

    "When I installed ConnectSMART I was able to bring down the number of open items in one of our key service boards by over half within one day. It is amazing what everyone will do once they can see and...

    Richard KrenmayerStasmayer, Incorporatedhttp://stasmayer.com/
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  • Integration Technologies

    "I needed a tool that our management team could use to "see" into the data ConnectWise collects from our daily activities to be able to better manage their departments. We chose ConnectSMART because were impressed with the quantity of measurements...

    Sam GridleyIntegration Technologieshttp://www.intech-hawaii.com/
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  • Clever Ducks

    "An unintended result of implementing the ConnectSMART scoreboard has been to help us understand and unlock the power of ConnectWise in new ways!"  ...

    Peter Kardel Clever Duckshttp://www.cleverducks.com/
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  • Integrity Technology Solutions

    "In our minds, it doesn't matter if we think the issue is urgent; if the client marks it as urgent, then we need to make them feel that we are treating it as an emergency. These gadgets help us all...

    Melanie JohnsonIntegrity Technology Solutionshttp://www.integrityts.com/
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  • Neteffect Technologies

    "We have a copy of our NOC board in our conference room for our clients and "soon to be" clients to see how our helpdesk is performing. Talk about an effective sales tool! We have already been able to more...

    David WollenhauptNeteffect Technologieshttp://neteffect-tech.net/
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  • We Are IT

    "We implemented ConnectSMART in September 2008 and deployed it to our staff in the first week of October. After learning how to use the Tickets Not Assigned gadget David increased his billable time by approximately 5.5 hours per week. The...

    Devin HeeseWe Are IThttp://www.we-are-it.com
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  • Enterprise Technology Services

    "Before we started using ConnectSMART, we had over 200 ticket in the queue and we were literally losing customers because tickets were falling through the cracks. The biggest issue with ConnectWise for us, was the fact that it didn't flag...

    James Atkinson Enterprise Technology Serviceshttp://www.etechservices.com
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  • ARRC Technologies/Chartec

    "We have about 300 MSP Agreements right now. When I saw how we could physically display not only successes but failures...it was a no-brainer. Probably the neatest thing is just the top-of-mind awareness that it throws throughout the entire company....

    Alex Rogers ARRC Technologies/Chartechttp://www.arrc.com/
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  • Jenaly Group

    "ConnectSMART is a HUGE resource which allows us to get down to detailed information in meaningful ways that keep us operating as efficiently as we can, which directly affects our bottom line. It helps drive a hyper-responsive culture in the...

    MJ ShoerJenaly Grouphttps://www.jenaly.com/
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  • CIO Services

    "Before ConnectSMART it wasn't easy to keep track of where we were at. Once we got ConnectSMART and put some key metrics up, all of a sudden it became really obvious where were. It got the whole team working better...

    Wendy GaunttCIO Serviceshttp://www.cioservicesllc.com/
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  • Anittel

    ""There's no other way that you can have something running so quickly that can make such a difference and completely change the way you look at business intelligence!"...

    Tim BrewerAnittelhttp://www.arrc.com/
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